Gratis bloggen bei

Gratis bloggen bei

2.1.10 17:40

Why I Support S!naToll!q

1) She is talented.

2) She is nice and an amazing person.

3) She is a Singer and a Model.

4) She is fair, honestly and open-minded.

And I don't care what you think about her, if you don't like ok but let her be. I support who I want to support! Accept that.

30.12.09 16:25

S!naToll!q's new tattoo!

Did you already know that Sina's idole is Britney Spears? She really adore her! She is a fan since 11 years now! And stand always on her side, even in the bad times! I think thats pretty cool if you support a person so much. She went with just 6 Years on her first Britney concerts and loved it. And untill now she is a big fan. And thats the reason why this will be her new tattoo inspierd by britney

"Everytime I try to fly, I fall without my wings I fell so small I guess I need you baby" (from Britney Spears- Everytime)

It's Sinas favourit song from her.

xoxo, lara

picture by 1) 2,3) by Sina

29.12.09 20:26

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